Nikita BlakHart is a multi-talented sketch artist who excels at photo realistic drawings of people and animals, as well as intricate hand-crafted creations. Her vivid art conveys the life and emotion in each face that she so carefully develops. Her creations are beautiful, each is unique and crafted with love. She is mostly self -taught, but she has earned a degree in fine art and has been practicing her art her whole life. As a child she would watch her mother doodle and was amazed by the detailed, small little drawings. As she got older, it began to get harder to draw as her arthritis worsened, but she was able to overcome it with a change in technique. Now, not only does she still draw, but she also makes scenes inside of glass candleholders, beautiful hand crafted jewelry, as well as complex wooden sculptures. Today, she takes commissions for her portraits and designs collections for her jewelry. She shares her collections on her website, and through her Facebook she takes requests for anything, from home decor to portraits of loved ones. ~ Authored by Kayla Squires

Nikita BlakHart


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